I EyE Open dotcom

On this  Site we are going to inform you  !  Whether you believe or not that is totally your decision…..

We cannot do any thing but present what we believe to be the truth,  We are going to present proof for everything we show you.

There will be no made up outrageous Tales of conspiracy theory`s  , No tabloid downloads, We are going to discuss People, Government, Life outside this Planet, Past, Present, and Future.  And what is going on around Planet Earth.  We are going to address the hard fact`s of subjects that make many people uncomfortable. Things You will not hear about on your Local or National Nightly News. That is why people do not believe the truth, Because they never heard it on the news.  You Are going to read and watch things on this site that might scare you,

Might make you angry, Remember don`t kill the messenger. Hopefully you take the information and use it….

To do your best to survive.  Because we here at 1EyeOpen.com  Have knowledge from many sources from Government, To ex Nasa, Ex C.IA,   and other law enforcement agency`s. And many ex and present Military, And Scientists that something Big is going to happen in our Current  lifetime that is going to change dramatically How Humans live on this Planet.

And we will be here for the countdown to keep you all informed , The very best we can.  The Watcher

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