End Of World Theory



End Of World Theory



How Will it Turn Out

Ever Wonder if all this End Of World crap has any teeth?

I am not sure I know how to treat this information just yet. One part of me says
Ah Hoey,
But then some other feeling is saying hmm…
What if there is some truth to the underground city’s and underground bass`s,

The so called Rich and Elite are going to lock us commoners out of their
Subterranean Continuation Of Life Centers. These underground cities are stocked with
all the pleasures that one might want .Golf, Swimming,Tennis,And other sports.
Along with all services,Like medical clinics,Hospitals,Shopping,Entertainment,And even Education Centers. And Churches. There are Gyms and Spas , Movie Theaters,And Concerts.

How do I know  this?

I don’t really its just what I have researched But it would make sense as these rich folks are not going to go down there and just sit and wait doing nothing.
The reason they are going underground from what I have read is due to
This Planet Earths close encounter with a Meteor , Or this Planet X everyone is talking about.
A near close hit or some thing like that. Or the sun like I mentioned above.

There is so much info on this, Just Google Search” End Of World Theory” or“ Underground Bases” ,Or End Times, Planet X, End of Times, “God Returns,” “World Ends”, I Think you get the picture

Others say its all about the Sun. Seems the Sun is all excited ,Causing great fireball
eruptions ,And Solar Flares capable of releasing Radio Active Rays heading straight to Earth.

This event could be as easy and light weight as loosing power for a while or no cell phone service computers all crash ,That last bit could be devastating, Since everything is computer operated these days, Banks, Gas stations, grocery stores, police and fire depts.

Or as bad as Frying every one on the planets surface, Now this is surely why they have built the underground bases and cities everyone has talked about.

End Of World Theory the information varies but its all frightening, Then the Bible text that relates to the same time frame in The Future is not much more positive. Warning about massive Disease , Wide Spread Death,Famine,War,The death of the last pope. Then the rise of the anti christ.

Then there is the Mayan Calender Theory , Don’t forget Nostradamus too … Then there are the ones that believe there will be no disaster at all, But instead a secret Government (world government) staged event, Like 911
But this time using the new UFO technology they have designed and built
Using the back engineered technology collected over the years of shooting down Alien Aircraft.
This will make the perfect disaster A real Pearl Harbor ,

But instead of Japanese Zero’s ….it will be the
Illuminati`s Flying Saucers that will be used to scare the be – Jesus out of everyone
until they are certain we are being invaded by beings from Outer Space. This End Of World Theory is just a sample of what has been predicted.

While this pandemonium and terror is doing its work.

The next step is installed… The Fear and Protection Mode.

In This Situation The People are frightened into accepting the
Government’s help in protection from the invaders.
They (the people) have been sufficiently frightened from this staged invasion they are
Willing to do anything to be protected from any more of this.

Including agreeing to being housed in government protection centers (fema camps)
So proper protection can be assured. Those that refuse the protection offered,
Cannot be guaranteed survival .
The People that take the Protection Centers offer of safety,
Will never be free again .
They will first be fitted with a R.F.I. Chip,
This electronic identification Component is planted into your body,
It will all be explained to you ..To be used to better take care of your needs.
Quicker answers to your questions,problems,
Help you find your loved ones.
Administering of medications will also be promised.
They will say all the emotional things that get to us humans.

Your protection shelter becomes your prison…
Soon after you arrive ,It becomes clear no person has been allowed to leave the camp.
It appears discipline can and has been carried out on occupants of the camp.
By using what appears like electrical current being applied thru the area
of the RFI chip they were fitted with.
On a Planetary Disaster Situation

Starvation,Looting,Crime, Would be the way of survival
Death and Dying. All over the Earth.
But Underground Cities are a safe heaven. For the wealthy elite.
The Privileged Earthlings Must survive in these underground cities
for a determined amount of time ,
The Commoner Earthlings Are left to survive or perish,
The latter preferred, By the Privileged, In the uncertain upcoming events.

As the elements predicted to Bombard The Planet include Cosmic Storms,
predicted to include Fire Winds equipped with ultra violet rays and radio active particles.
In the area of 200 – 300 mph.
Massive Earthquakes and Possible Pole Shift,
This is believed to be caused by the massive size of Planet X
or Some other Space Property,
And the Gravity alone of a planet this big is Hard To Fathom.

People at this time will be desperate,They will be frightened.
And depending on how
much warning they were able to get before the event,
They are probably Unprepared for any
Surprise Disaster,Whatever Size it is.
With Emergency Situations like this, One can expect
A high Death Rate,

Among the general population
over the next 2 – 4 Weeks. As Food and Clean Water run
short or Completely out for some.,
Coupled with shortages in Medications,
And Personal Hygiene.
The very young and the Ill,and the Elderly,
Will be the first to suffer. And perish.

For us outside (not underground with the wealthy and government workers ), In this end of world theory :
Life is Unbelievable Impossible.
Radiation is very high from the more active Sun .
Limiting exposure is recommended .
The Fresh water is contaminated, Again with radiation along with most Vegetable Crops .
The Fish in the Fresh Water
have perished.
The Marine wild life are suffering from The Lack of Oxygen and Starvation,
High Stress Illness `s from Surviving In Red Colored Oceans,
approaching Overheated Temperature.
A continuous Level 6 Cyclone Rages over the Planet.

Utilities are now nonexistent , All community and people services are closed.
Schools are all closed, Most have been looted and vandalized to ruin.

Businesses are Boarded and locked, Or wide open and Looted …
People are hard to find.
The dangerous climate,And high radiation levels Dictate this lonely world.

2:35 pm. Day of week : Unknown… The Environment..:
Conditions Outside : Temperature 135 degrees Fahrenheit ,
Winds Variable 90 – 200 mph.
Sky : Dark ,Dark Red color, Broken up by thick Black Billowing Clouds
emitting gold sparks of fire.
Frequent Lightning strikes mid air and on ground .
Followed closely by ground shaking thunder.
Occurring at a rate of two strikes every 3 minutes.

Transportation is possible, Be it your own mode,
Or utilizing one of many
of the stranded and abandoned vehicles
strewn in every view.
Emergency Services are suspended, As are other common services,
Electricity,Water Services,
Garbage Collection, Public Transportation,and Line phone services,
And Internet Service and television news. All gone.
No Police or Ambulance can be seen,
Marshal Law in effect day 25 now.,The streets mostly clear of people.
The Smell of Burning Buildings almost masks the smell of death..
Rotting corpses have been mostly scavenged by roaming dogs.

Distant Gun Fire offers the presence of still more Military Police,
Their aggressive and Eager Desire to Cripple And Disable people as choice,
Is disturbing in this isolated setting, Help even in death is nonexistent .

Dogs Barking in distance,The sound of a Woman Crying is much closer.

The Dangers are at every level of every turn. People desperate from hunger and fear,
Become more and more dangerous. The environment becomes that of everyone is a enemy.
Kill or be killed.
Once small things like batteries are now worth taking a life for .
Foods ,fuels,Medication and weapons, Are the new currency.
If you got nothing but cash you lose.
And in this world you win or die.
Hopefully You Are Not Alone

Although feeding more mouths can cause problems,
The safety that numbers provide is almost essential to survival.
So its important to try to form early alliances ,
Try to have as many adults as possible,
Preferably a couple three strong males.

Its best to pick your alliances or survival team wisely.
Like choosing from family members ,Close Friends, And Neighbors
can be helpful ,As to avoid mutiny against the group .
Because of conflicting agendas. As you could expect to find in picking
strangers who could care less about your survival. As opposed to theirs .

As time goes by the environmental conditions should begin to improve,
As the planetary body moves off to the distance,
Or the impact fallout from a direct hit dies down. Which ever it may be.
Sooner or Later Mother Earth will start to heal herself.

But there could be a chance that a planetary disaster like this could send the planet into a ice age
From Nuclear Winter or the ash in the atmosphere,
From fires and Volcanic activity .
The Suns effects on the planet are unclear,
Mostly depends on how the sun was effected by The event.
If it was a huge planet that is making the visit to our solar system,
You can bet the devastation to be much worse than that of a small comet.
Just because of the amount of gravity to be displaced, Thru Magnetic shifting
of the Earth’s Crust.

To Be Sure a secure protective shelter is going to be a must.
Without knowing the conditions we will face, One can only speculate on the
type of shelter that is going to be needed for survival.
But best guesses would lend to something underground.
Or partially underground or a basement or cellar .
It goes without saying you will need basic survival things such as clean water
and food. This can be tricky if you did not have time to plan ahead.
If you find yourself in a situation of need,Your going to have to scout around.
Never send your two strongest members out scouting together. If disaster strikes
you could easily lose them both, Putting uncertainty on the group.

And do not ever leave the group unprotected. This could be a quick end all for
Everyone , As one armed intruder can easily overtake about any number of
Frightened unarmed soon to be victims.

Trust is not existent ,Trust your comrades only when you can see them.
And trust no one else. Yes It Has Come To This….:)

Just like all survival situations, Groups of people that have stayed together .
For strength in numbers, Will undoubtedly run into other groups.
This could turn out good or really bad. Remember it is survival of the fittest .
And depending on the agenda of opposing groups, It could get ugly.
Try to locate your headquarters in a well hidden area. A place that will be easy to defend.
With good early warning lookout positions will be best, And always stage a lookout.
You will never know a attack is going to happen until it does. And that is too late.
In Order to keep supply’s in stock you are going to need to go on scouting missions.
For foods and anything else useful by your team or good for trading.

Do not confront the government patrols ,Unless you are ready for death
or worse. ( there are things a lot worse )They are very unlikely to help you in any way.
And remember if they take prisoners (citizens) in custody, That means a long
ride to a Detention Center, and a lot of paper work for them. So chances
of surviving the encounter is very slim.
You are much better of staying well hidden from them also.

Long Term Survival

As time progresses on the group has either strengthened or fell victim to other predators , Be it government forces or stronger gangs.

  , The smart or lucky survivor`s had to have realized to stay away from any dead bodies no matter the treasure they held.

As this was a sure fire way of getting one of these deadly illness`s .

Many seemingly healthy adults have succumb to outbreaks of rare strains of disease ,

Most likely released by the Illuminati led Government just when they went underground

To try to kill off any people that may have survived the main event.

If none of above and the group is still surviving you are no doubt getting wiser,

And with most of the dumb mistakes out of the way. Its time to plan long term.

Supplies have to be getting more and more scarce.  With other groups competing for the same spoils looting  has become unbelievably hard.

It is time to plan to harvest some bounty

Where it is plentiful. That is down below. Below the ground where the government and the wealthy have been living , Without a want in the world.  In the Subterranean Continuation Of Life Centers.

We must find a entrance to the underground cities and bass`s we all know exist. After all we all had our suspicions,

That the wealthy elite the high up government officials  and the people needed to care and serve them have all vanished. And we do not see any signs of these people anywhere even dead.

So we know they had to all be somewhere. And just like the conspiracy  theory`s that were going around like  so many housefly`s ,

We now know they are all true. They did leave us all here to die.

It was a huge secret plan, Just like 911  , just like the Secret Space Program. They have been lying to us  All the way back to J.F.K. Thats when it all really started.

And the secret Government took over for good.

This is why they refused to share the secret technology they have been getting from the off planet Aliens, Either from recovered downed space craft,  Or thru direct communication with these aliens.

They knew a huge tragedy was coming or actually they purposely created this  Holocaust type event, To put the whole plan into play.

They have in the recent past, been known to discuss population control , And elimination of 75 % of the population was their goal.

To Be Continued

Your Local Law Misunderstood ?

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Some information has come about, relating to the state of Oregon,

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Could be the same in many different

I have often wondered how some of the really crappy fee`s for everything,

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The People would not stand for that would They

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