911 Another Pearl Harbor

911 Another Pearl Harbor

The attacks of 9/11 have often been compared with the attacks on Pearl Harbor. Investigative reporter
James Bamford, for example, has written about President Bush’s behavior “in the middle of a modern-day
Pearl Harbor.”

CBS News reported that the president himself, before going to bed on 9/11, wrote in his
diary: “The Pearl Harbor of the 21st century took place today.”

This comparison has often been made for the sake of arguing that the American response to 9/11 should
be similar to the American response to Pearl Harbor.

Just after the presidents address to the nation on
September 11, 2001,

Henry Kissinger posted an online article in which he said: “The government should
be charged with a systematic response that, one hopes, will end the way that the attack on Pearl Harbor
ended —

with the destruction of the system that is responsible for it. An editorial in Time magazine that
appeared right after the attacks urged: “For once, let’s have no fatuous rhetoric about ‘healing.’. . . A day
cannot live in infamy without the nourishment of rage. Let’s have rage.

Pearl Habor son of purple American fury.
Some of the comparisons have pointed out that the attacks of 9/11 did indeed evoke a response, calling
for the use of US military power,

Similar to that produced by Pearl Harbor. Quoting a prediction made in
2000 by soon-to-be top officials in the Bush administration that the changes they desired would be difficult
unless “a new Pearl Harbor” occurred

 Australian journalist John Pilger wrote: “The attacks of 11
September 2001 provided the new Pearl Harbor.

A member of the US Army’s Institute for Strategic
Studies reported that after 9/11, “Public support for military action is at levels that parallel the public
reaction after the attack at Pearl Harbor.

These comparisons of 9/11 with Pearl Harbor do not seem unjustified. The events of 9/11, virtually
everyone agrees, were the most important events of recent times —

For both America and the rest of the

The attacks of that day have provided the basis for a significant restriction on civil liberties in the
United States (just as Pearl Harbor led to restrictions on the civil liberties of Japanese Americans).
Those attacks have also been the basis of a worldwide “war on terror” led by the United States,

With the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq being the two major episodes thus far.

The Bush administrations “war on terror” is, moreover, widely perceived as a pretext for a more aggressive
imperialism. Phyllis Bennis, for example, says that 9/11 has resulted in “foreign policy imposed on the rest
of the world through an unchallenged law of empire.

Of course, a few historians have been pointing out
for some time that American leaders have long desired an empire covering the whole world.

But most critics of US foreign policy believe that the imperialism of the Bush II administration, especially since 9/11,
has been much more explicit, far-reaching, and arrogant.

Richard Falk has, in fact, referred to it as “the
global domination project.

Although there was an outpouring of good will toward America after 9/11
and a widespread willingness to accede to its claim that the attacks gave it a mandate to wage a worldwide
war on terrorism,

This good will was quickly exhausted. American foreign policy is now criticized around the
world more widely and severely than ever before,

Even more so than during the war in Vietnam. The
American answer to all criticism, however, is 9/11.

When Europeans criticized the Bush administrations
intention to go to war against Iraq,

For example, several US opinion-makers supportive of the war explained
the difference in perception by saying that the Europeans had not suffered the attacks of 9/11.

So we live daily lives of a giant foot in the middle of our backs. Because of a planned attack on our country by our own leaders, Many of whom are still in office.

And so many of them are guilty of war crimes ,And domestic crimes including but no way limited to Murder.

Think of those poor people jumping to their deaths from the Towers When they were burning.

How can anybody forget the sight of those folks jumping to their deaths

thinking they had no other options left. When it was all a staged event.

It really burns me up to think how unnecessary this all was.

And This crime goes way deeper than just the Towers Coming down.

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