Valuable Information regarding Planet Earth

For a few years now I have been quietly sourcing information from a website, Actually 2 websites that are operated by the same people. These people are very much leaders in the U.F.O. and alien beings group who through their extensive research and interviews with people who know alot about this subject. Including people who have been actually abducted by Aliens, And returned to the planet to share the information they have learned because of these abductions.

Some members of their websites and forums are high level government officials, whistle blowers, and chosen ones.

Who have first hand knowledge of things  normal people find either unbelievable or at least very unusual.,

Information about the Alien agenda and the transforming of the Planet Earth.

Some claim they were sent here on a mission from god, for lack of a better term. Some folks on these forums speak of past lives they are aware of that they have lived.

How one deals with this information depends on ones personal beliefs, or ones open mindedness.

 I Believe the more you are open to different realms and different time lines of our past or future the better chance you have of making good use of this amazing information and amazing people.

There really is so much to learn if you are open to this kind of information. The reason im sharing this with my readers is because it is important,

I Feel everyone who believes in a possibility of these supernatural subjects has the right to know as much about it as possible.

Knowledge is power, As they say and I believe thats true. But like I said you have to be open to the possibility that anything could be true. Then open your mind and take it in. Only then can you make a informed decision as to what you want to believe.

So thats my goal today to give the links of these two websites to my readers and allow you to be learned.

Although I do realize some of you may already know about these people if so good for you.

If you did not know where to learn about these subjects, And I helped even one person become enlightened then i did what  i set out to do.

There is truly a huge wealth of info awaiting you and I hope you can allow yourself to be open-minded long enough to take in this information as I feel it is way too important to dismiss. And let me warn you the subjects are mind boggling.

So without further stalling here are the links to these two information sites I hope you will check out:

The first site is Called Project Camelot the site is ran by a lady named Kerry Cassidy  She is very knowledgeable on these subjects.

Here is the link 

Here is the other site ran by Kerry`s partner Bill Ryan although they do work together they also have separate websites where they also pursue their own personal interests.Bills site is called Project Avalon

Here is the link

Trumps True Colors Appear

Well we said it here a long time ago Way before the election

That Trump was a crook and a Bigot. The crook part is a no brainier.

No honest person lies like this man does, The instances of his dishonesty are at this point way to many to even recall, I have never seen or even heard of a man who so freely lies every time he talks.

That`s why I say Trumps true colors appear.  Because once again he shows us just who he is. His family must be besides themselves, But I guess they are used to it by now.

And this is our President, Supposedly the leader of the free world.what a embarrassment for our Country and our Armed Forces service members abroad.

The way he defended the Neo Nazi`s and Skin-Heads right on Television Was astonishing I could not believe what I was hearing, And he said it with emotion I mean Anger That is.

angry trump

You could tell he was worked up about this subject , How can we not forget he was the one behind the Obama birth certificate fiasco, Trump started the whole thing and he carried the football all the way to the end.

And it had nothing to do with him believing Obama was not born in the U.S.A. it was clearly because Obama is a black man, And he got elected to be the President of our country, The first black man to do so ever.

I wish Obama was our president again, I will admit when he reneged on some of his campaign promises,

Many people including myself thought he was a sellout. Which may be true.

But in his worst moments as The President of our great country, Barack Obama is ten times the leader Donald Trump could ever hope to be.

And at least fairly honest.

So what we are left with is a President who lied his way into the white house.

And is on course to ruin our country, He has already lost our Popularity over seas with other countries except Russia That Is.trump the bigot

Trump White House In A Mess

Another day another Fiasco

trumps cronies

That about describes this Presidents  Administration on a daily basis.

Trumps White House is In A Mess

First the Lies Lies and More Lies.

Are we getting so used to this liar of a President that we are now numb to it?

Come on people if one of our past Presidents told the amount of lies this one does we would have strung them up..

Case in point the exclusion of all LBGT from all aspects of our military that Mr. Trump announced on last Tuesday, He said after talking it over with the top military brass they have made this decision.

Well thats great but all the top brass that lead our military forces said they had heard nothing about this plan. And also advised their troops to stay put , hold tight until a more formal notice is presented. If and when.

Then this constant insulting of Trumps Attorney General  By Trump himself. Is totally Crazy acting This guy is starting to act like a nut job more and more.

This administration is getting nothing done except Provide a freak show for the whole world. To say it is embarrassing is putting it mild.

Not sure how much more we have to go thru.

It very unpredictable and North Korea just fired another missile this morning

And we have to rely on this freak show for guidance ?

What will happen to this country If a crisis evolves ?

Maybe thats the plan.

Super Soldiers

Ever hear about Super Soldiers ?

The Stories are numerous Lets See If we can answer the question

Are Super Soldiers Real ?

I Have found some info on Super Soldiers. I ve heard some almost unbelievable stories about Super Soldiers, Some I am not so sure I buy in to the plot or not, Some other plots makes me think hard about the possibility.

And yet there are some that are hard to dismiss.

Like they have been trained and conditioned since early childhood to be part of a elite fighting force stationed on Mars, Reportedly the duties include fighting Aliens from other planets or Dimensions and long tours of duty.

Other Super Soldier stories I had heard are

Stories of Super Soldier `s interacting with god type spirits like

The Nephalin  or  Anunnaki  or even  The Devil .This information always contained interaction with the Illuminati .And the very wealthy old families.

who it is said have total control of this planet.

In almost all the Super Soldier stories I have read involve also Soldier`s wishes to be set free ,

I have heard set free from mind control that has been programmed into their minds, And somehow it appears it is hard to get rid of the mind control.

Ive heard the Super Soldiers stories of traveling to mars in minutes through

Secret Gateways that exist here on Earth, It is Rumored that some rich Illuminati here on Earth have plans to escape to Mars when all hell breaks loose around here, (maybe already has )

The Super Soldiers are also the Protection of the Illuminati. They are the police force of Mars.   I Warned you I had heard many different roles of the Super Soldiers.  See what you believe I found a couple below.

Remember to comment lets hear your take.

See what you think about this guy, He seems like he has had alot of different experiences, But where is the truth? or should I better say The Proof.

This stuff is so wild How do you make this shit up? he seems plenty smart.Maybe too smart ? Not really sure some crazy experiences for real.