London Is Under Attack

While I type this post  right now

London Is Under Attack

Apparently Someone ran over a bunch of people right on the London Bridge,

A vehicle weighing 4000 lbs. or 2 Tons speeding across the bridge

And running people over while doing so., At the same time people were getting stabbed inside a restaurant. Facts are still unclear as im serious this is currently happening as I type this report.

london bridge attack

London Is Under Attack

Police in London are said to be treating this as a terrorist incident. In another incident

All happening at the same time, Police in London decked out in Riot Gear And  armed with machine guns, Detained 3 suspects, and forced evacuation near London Bridge area.

This is rare for London as law enforcement rarely carry guns.

At least 6 people were struck by the missile type mini van crossing the London Bridge.

london terror

Social Media sites tied to ISSIS are reporting celebrating going on within the membership sites.

At least 2 people were stabbed inside a restaurant including a waitress working there. It was said a man ran into the crowded restaurant carrying a huge knife and just started stabbing people.

The Time is 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Saturday and for the past hour.

London Is Under Attack

It is not yet known who is responsible for this terror attack at this time the London Police are calling it a terror attack But no organization has taken responsibility for this horrible act.