Cannibalism Still Exists Its Real


Cannibalism Still Exists Its Real

We heard rumors so just had to check it out

People have long been fearful of Cannibals and for good reason its Freaky, Remember the movie “Silence Of The Lambs”? Who can forget Hannibal Lecture  he was scary.

Hannibal in the movie silence of the lambs

Then there was Jeffery Dalmer  The gay serial killer who chopped up and ate his victims . He was real life ended up killed in prison.

Jeffery Dalmer serial killer
Jeffery Dalmer  He finally got caught and had body parts of his victims cut and wrapped in his freezer.

Cannibalism is still happening in some remote parts of the world our research has revealed. Although very rare these days it does exists.

 In Western New Guinea along the Ndeiram Kabur River lives a tribe called The Korowai.

The tribesmen believe that a witch man kills off members of the group and it is their duty to consume the dead man’s carcass in order to take revenge for the death.

cannible`s still exsist

The Island if FIJI has long been known as the “Cannibal Island” where the islander natives have eaten their enemy`s for centuries.

Keep that in mind on your next get away to Fiji….

A couple weeks ago on CNN there was a documentary showing about religion and there is a small tribe in India who were performing cannibalism right on camera it was really true and very disturbing here is a little about that tribe if you want to do a google search on them


 The Aghori, a sect of Indian Monks, perform cannibalistic rituals in order to gain spiritual enlightenment. Now with just 20 or so members, the group drink from human skull bowls and cover their body in burnt human remains. They do not, however, kill anyone for use in the ceremonies, using only the bodies of people who have already died.

So there we have it Cannibals do still exist,

Think I Will skip dinner tonight