Jeff Sessions

Senator Jeff Sessions was Cleared By The U.S. Senate to become the Attorney General  of the United States Despite Multiple Lies under Oath.

By listening to these video`s your going to witness a astonishing amount of cover-ups and lying going on to get this lifelong bigget nominated despite his lying under oath ,Not only about his personal record of service,

Involving Jeff Sessions career long civil rights wrong doings and Hater of people of color. and his bigotry But also more lies about his involvement with the Russians during the Trump Presidential Campaign.


Do we think Jeff Sessions is our Best Pick for A.G. of this country?

Then Senator Sessions goes on to publicly lying  Just Like Donald Trump using the same talking points but try`s to back out and save face.

Now this next one is so blatent  its embarrassing to watch, This guy is being nominated for the top Cop – Law Maker in our Country lets get real how is it ,  this guy is the best we have?

Now on to the Business of Lying about his involvement with the Russians during his efforts in the Trump Presidential Campaign here is a great bunch of information from the NewYork Times im sure you will find interesting  Just Go here More Sessions 

Does The C.I.A. Control Our Media

Well most of us knew the C.I.A. Controls most all the Illegal Drugs, And most of the wars, But how about here at home do you Think the C.I.A. Might have control of our Media ? After all they are said to be the police force for the Illuminati. And it is said the Illuminati has total control of our media so makes since check out this interesting video for some answers.

The Russians

The President Donald Trump still in the news today.

This time its said He leaked Top Secret info to the Russian visitors last week.

trump russians

You can not make this stuff Up.

This Russian involvement with this administration is epic.

The firing of Chief Comey, While he was investigating Who ?

james comey

Mr. Trumps lies and off the wall cover ups are UN real.

How far is this fiasco going to run..?

Sharing hi classified info with Russian Diplomats


Endangering possibly Hundreds of lives.

Ruined relationships with important ally`s  You name it…

White house said Bullshit Nothing There…Nothing Happened..


But there are pretty creditable Proof in the media that says at least something is going on with the Russians and the Trumps, In fact I think

The Trumps have been doing business with the Russians for a long time.

Then he became President. Once he became President the Russians have been using Trump maybe blackmail not sure..

.But alot of dealings with Russia for sure. Its believed that Russia had financed some Trump Projects in the past. But Trump Still at it

Maybe Trump owes money to Russia for loans, Remember no Tax Returns ?  Tax returns or tax statements would shed light on many financial dealings with Trump. He just refuses like the Bully he is. Remember The travel ban  ? Seems like for ever ago. When he fired Miss Yates..

When she refused to enforce parts of the Order she felt did not meet legal criteria. Not to mention the moral and civil aspects .

And the Courts Did Not Like The Travel Ban as they call it.

But Now Trump Still at it. Giving top secret terror info away

to  who else The Russians … W.T.F. is going on here ?You Know The Russians Dig It.

They got to be Celebrating Daily.

Then Attorney General Jeff Sessions rolled back all the Mandatory Minimum Sentence for even first time offenders, Not Only after he gets caught lying multiple times just during his confirmation hearings. He has been a steady Trump supporter for some time during the campaign. And they all lied for each other to get more support.

Sessions long known as a southern Big-git Has shown his loyalty to trump when he was caught Trading information with Guess WHO ? The Russians. Yep you cant make this up.

  Got to keep those for profit prisons Full You Know. At the expense of our loved ones and few generations of our population has nearly disappeared Lives ruined for way less that what goes on in our Government  at any giving moment. Especially Attorney General Jeff Sessons

But That`s Another Story

We do not want to get into the Repeal and Replace Obama Care. Trump Still has a mess to clean up there too. Thats for another story too the purpose of this story is merely a recap of the last month or so, This Presidency has been  Bumpy at best Criminal Probably

Obstruction of Justice seems to be the daily norm, From this White House.

I STILL REMEMBER How in the Campaign he (Trump)slaughtered Hilary Clinton saying she was not competent enough to handle classified information ,And accused her of leaking classified info during his campaign speeches he really laid into Hilary

got the crowds chanting  ” lock her up” “Lock Her Up” Now it does not look so good for Trump  He is accused of doing the exact same thing if not much worse we will have to wait to see the final results this will expose many innocent people to violent endings. :   Some Question His Mental State. Questions about his ability to Serve His Office.

It sure is hard to keep track of all the Blunders And The Lying is through the Roof.

The Killing Of Walter Scott

The Killing Of Walter Scott

The Officer Who Shot Walter Scott in the back and killed him  possibly will Get off with hand slap.

The shooting of Walter Scott occurred on April 4, 2015, in North Charleston, South Carolina, following a daytime traffic stop for a non-functioning brake light.walterscott

Can you believe a bad brake light gets you shot in the back  8 times and killed?

If you are Black and living in North Carolina, And happen to get pulled over by the police.

And The officer is Michael Slager, a white North Charleston police officer. Look Out !

This is exactly what happened to Walter Scott, We all thought just maybe some form of real justice might happen in this case. When

The officer Michael Slager was charged for a crime for this since less killing. The officer Michael Slager was initially charged with murder and denied Bail.

And rightfully so.


After-all he shot Mr. Scott 8 times in the back for a broken tail light.

Officer Slager was facing 30 years to life. Thanks to a bystander who happen to record the whole ordeal with his cellphone.

Without this evidence of the Cell phone video .Officer Slagers story that Mr.Scott made off with the officers stun gun taser.

Probably would have been believed but instead his lie`s were revealed. And he was ordered held without bond for several months.

The Killing Of Walter Scott

Mr Scott`s grieving Family was finally awarded  6.5 million by the city of North Charleston ,N.C. And what started as a Capital Murder Charge against officer Michael Slager with federal civil rights charges Being looked at by the U.S. Justice Dept.

Has ended up as a plea bargain ,Michael T. Slager, who was a North Charleston police officer when he shot and killed the motorist,

,Michael T. Slager,  will enter his plea in Federal District Court in Charleston. On Tuesday.

The state’s murder case against the officer ended in a mistrial last December. Jury selection in the federal case was scheduled to begin next week.

Walter Scott Gets To Do Nothing

Everyone is cautiously tight lipped as to just what the charges and penalty`s  might be. We will keep you posted.