Trump Will Not Stop Comey

Ok its Official White house Spokes person Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters in today`s White House news briefing that President Donald Trump will not try to block fired F.B.I. Chief Comeys testimony this Thursday in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee.  It was widely speculated that Trump would try to impose executive privilege to block Comeys testimony

Trump Will Not Stop Comey  

The President’s power to assert executive privilege is well-established. However, in order to facilitate a swift and thorough examination of the facts sought by the Senate intelligence committee, The President has stated he will not invoke.

So it looks at this point the path to the truth is clear, But in the Trump White House it is a long time until Thursday.

We Will See…..

Jeff Sessions

Senator Jeff Sessions was Cleared By The U.S. Senate to become the Attorney General  of the United States Despite Multiple Lies under Oath.

By listening to these video`s your going to witness a astonishing amount of cover-ups and lying going on to get this lifelong bigget nominated despite his lying under oath ,Not only about his personal record of service,

Involving Jeff Sessions career long civil rights wrong doings and Hater of people of color. and his bigotry But also more lies about his involvement with the Russians during the Trump Presidential Campaign.


Do we think Jeff Sessions is our Best Pick for A.G. of this country?

Then Senator Sessions goes on to publicly lying  Just Like Donald Trump using the same talking points but try`s to back out and save face.

Now this next one is so blatent  its embarrassing to watch, This guy is being nominated for the top Cop – Law Maker in our Country lets get real how is it ,  this guy is the best we have?

Now on to the Business of Lying about his involvement with the Russians during his efforts in the Trump Presidential Campaign here is a great bunch of information from the NewYork Times im sure you will find interesting  Just Go here More Sessions 

Trump Hurting His Voters

Well here we go..

Trump Hurting His Voters

Not only is Trump promising huge tax savings for his “Billionaire Buddies” ,But the numbers show Trump Is Hurting his Voters,The very people who got him elected are going to feel the sharp end of this Knife that will cut through the hearts and hurt The same people that voted him in office in November.

trumphurts voters

23 Million People will loose health care ,If We implement Trumps Repeal And Replace Obama Care. Many of those folks did vote for trump.Mostly because of the lying he did during the campaign about how repealing and replacing Obama Care would save millions of people thousands of dollars a year.

Another Lie that that he told and how Trump Is Hurting his Voters is about cutting Social Security and Medicaid His new budget will cut close to 700 Billion on top of 800 Billion the new Republican health care plan will already cut from Medicaid That equals a 28% cut just to Medicaid causing another 14 million to directly loose Affordable Health Care..

Trump is surely Hurting his Voters, And most all Americans who are not Millionaires are going to feel the pain.

He lied to get elected and Trump is continuing to hurt the people who voted him in. How do you like him now?

Its Plain to see Trump is hurting his voters bigtime.. And its more than clear he only care`s about the rich elite in this country, A Total reversal of the lies he told while campaigning for president. And Trumps voters said they liked him because he was different not a politician like the rest, In reality Trump is hurting his voters just as bad or maybe worse than your typical politician because he does not have to return to his home district and answer to his voters. This Makes him more dangerous.

Special Prosecutor

We now have a Special Prosecutor So maybe just Maybe we will get to the meat of this stalled out Russian interference investigation ,Maybe we will learn some things we have long been wondering, Just what`s up with our President Donald J. Trump and his affair with Russia.

And this comes not one minute too soon. This scandal has consumed far too much of our resources, In Congress in the Senate and on our news channels.

Bring On The Special Prosecutor

,Quite frankly we have heard enough lies from the Trump team to last a lifetime

We are going to finally find out some truths, About the relationship with Trump and his soldiers Conspiring with Russia, Not only about the 2016 election, But possibly much much more.

And the Special Prosecutor investigation is going to be in very capable hands, Lead by Robert Mueller the ex F.B.I. Chief, Mr Mueller headed the F.B.I. for 12 years, Has been a Prosecutor, A special agent, With years of solid work within the F.B.I. We could not have a Better person leading this investigation.

Trumps troubles

I doubt Donald Trump likes the pick very much, As he will not be able to sway this investigation at all. And he cannot be happy about this. He was already whining about the way he has been treated the last couple days. While giving a speech at the Coast Guard academy today.

Does he not see he brought this all onto himself ? And now its out of his control. And totally in the hands of  Special Prosecutor  I bet Trump will resign just saying this looks to be more than he can handle. Just think we will finally get to those Tax forms he has refused to produce. He will have to  produce them now no choice.

And this does not stop the house and senate investigations, These will also continue to proceed. You might say The Trump laundry is about to be hung out for all to see. This is going to get really good.

Now we can chant to Trump….. Lock Him Up  ….. lock him up..

Wow how things change as usual  …   STAY TUNED !