Jeff Sessions

Senator Jeff Sessions was Cleared By The U.S. Senate to become the Attorney General  of the United States Despite Multiple Lies under Oath.

By listening to these video`s your going to witness a astonishing amount of cover-ups and lying going on to get this lifelong bigget nominated despite his lying under oath ,Not only about his personal record of service,

Involving Jeff Sessions career long civil rights wrong doings and Hater of people of color. and his bigotry But also more lies about his involvement with the Russians during the Trump Presidential Campaign.


Do we think Jeff Sessions is our Best Pick for A.G. of this country?

Then Senator Sessions goes on to publicly lying  Just Like Donald Trump using the same talking points but try`s to back out and save face.

Now this next one is so blatent  its embarrassing to watch, This guy is being nominated for the top Cop – Law Maker in our Country lets get real how is it ,  this guy is the best we have?

Now on to the Business of Lying about his involvement with the Russians during his efforts in the Trump Presidential Campaign here is a great bunch of information from the NewYork Times im sure you will find interesting  Just Go here More Sessions 

One thought on “Jeff Sessions

  1. After Being caught in multiple lies under oath in his confirmation hearing Jeff Sessions was allowed to change his statements on record after the fact, In fact a day or two later. W T F How does this work.? Is this our Best Pick for Top Cop in our Country? Just wait to see his policies on the War on Drugs. It takes us backwards 20 years in dealing with long prison terms for non violent first time offenders.

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