Super Soldiers

Ever hear about Super Soldiers ?

The Stories are numerous Lets See If we can answer the question

Are Super Soldiers Real ?

I Have found some info on Super Soldiers. I ve heard some almost unbelievable stories about Super Soldiers, Some I am not so sure I buy in to the plot or not, Some other plots makes me think hard about the possibility.

And yet there are some that are hard to dismiss.

Like they have been trained and conditioned since early childhood to be part of a elite fighting force stationed on Mars, Reportedly the duties include fighting Aliens from other planets or Dimensions and long tours of duty.

Other Super Soldier stories I had heard are

Stories of Super Soldier `s interacting with god type spirits like

The Nephalin  or  Anunnaki  or even  The Devil .This information always contained interaction with the Illuminati .And the very wealthy old families.

who it is said have total control of this planet.

In almost all the Super Soldier stories I have read involve also Soldier`s wishes to be set free ,

I have heard set free from mind control that has been programmed into their minds, And somehow it appears it is hard to get rid of the mind control.

Ive heard the Super Soldiers stories of traveling to mars in minutes through

Secret Gateways that exist here on Earth, It is Rumored that some rich Illuminati here on Earth have plans to escape to Mars when all hell breaks loose around here, (maybe already has )

The Super Soldiers are also the Protection of the Illuminati. They are the police force of Mars.   I Warned you I had heard many different roles of the Super Soldiers.  See what you believe I found a couple below.

Remember to comment lets hear your take.

See what you think about this guy, He seems like he has had alot of different experiences, But where is the truth? or should I better say The Proof.

This stuff is so wild How do you make this shit up? he seems plenty smart.Maybe too smart ? Not really sure some crazy experiences for real.

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