Holographic Disclosure

Holographic Disclosure Part One

The course of life its self from the smallest parts of the atom to the universe as a whole.

This follows the Matrix theory in which everything is put before us like a huge game of life we must play.

This is very long 14 video`s and counting.

Here is part two hope you enjoyed part 1 about atoms here we go into larger energy`s with more matter Enjoy Part Two

Here is Part 3 it gets a little more interesting now moving into the cabal or Illuminati Who they think they are the chosen ones, Who should rule the rest of the world. Or us Sheepple  , The Illuminati do by this time on Earth control most everything we make use of. Including our Politics our Media, Our large corporations, The Vatican And all other large religions, Our fuel supplies our food supply, Our Disease`s which most of them were created by them,And the Vaccines that supposedly protect us from the illnesses .   On a large scale they run the Matrix.

Enjoy Part Three

Now here is Part 4 It Relates Human Emotions, Like Love, Hate , And  Sex. Humans in general are very Emotional Beings, And because of this we are very easy to be manipulated into acting in a manner we normally might not act. This is being done to us currently everyday, By using a repeated mind control system like television and more recently video games. All this is purposely controlled by the Illuminati , Yes and all the big media corporations like Disney, Sony, General Electric, Etc. All Are owned and controlled by the rich elite Illuminati , Unless you live under a rock somewhere there is no escaping this brainwash. The big religions are there to capture the minds of the ones who do not spend all their time consuming media from the normal outlets. This is a fail proof system if you take in to consideration of our education system Which basically catches 98% of all our children.

Enjoy Part Four

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