Russian Pilots Ready To Shoot

So here we are a direct stand off with Russia,

Russian Pilots Ready To Shoot down American Fighter Jets, After The American`s downed a Syrian Fighter Jet on Sunday .

The Russians have said they hold no reserves when it comes to American Fighter Jets, They are open game ! So with The Russian Pilots ready to shoot down American Jets,

Where does this leave us?

Just one pull of the trigger from W. W. 3 thats where…

You know it is only a matter of time before Russian Pilots do shoot down a American Jet. So what then?

Looks like Trump`s friendship with Putin will get a real test. What will Trumps reaction Be ? Are Russian Jets a target for American Pilots?

Only if fired upon. That`s the Policy .

But evidently Syrian Jets are a legit target or at least they were on this past Sunday. I do not believe ISIS has any fighter jets

I Thought we were fighting ISIS in Syria ? Now we have a target on our backs for Russian fighter Pilots.

Great way to see what Trump is going to do about this. Although we did not shoot at any Russian jets they unconditionally defend Syria`s interests even if it means W.W.3 . So here we are.

russian to shoot american jets

A Storm Is Brewing

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