Special Prosecutor

We now have a Special Prosecutor So maybe just Maybe we will get to the meat of this stalled out Russian interference investigation ,Maybe we will learn some things we have long been wondering, Just what`s up with our President Donald J. Trump and his affair with Russia.

And this comes not one minute too soon. This scandal has consumed far too much of our resources, In Congress in the Senate and on our news channels.

Bring On The Special Prosecutor

,Quite frankly we have heard enough lies from the Trump team to last a lifetime

We are going to finally find out some truths, About the relationship with Trump and his soldiers Conspiring with Russia, Not only about the 2016 election, But possibly much much more.

And the Special Prosecutor investigation is going to be in very capable hands, Lead by Robert Mueller the ex F.B.I. Chief, Mr Mueller headed the F.B.I. for 12 years, Has been a Prosecutor, A special agent, With years of solid work within the F.B.I. We could not have a Better person leading this investigation.

Trumps troubles

I doubt Donald Trump likes the pick very much, As he will not be able to sway this investigation at all. And he cannot be happy about this. He was already whining about the way he has been treated the last couple days. While giving a speech at the Coast Guard academy today.

Does he not see he brought this all onto himself ? And now its out of his control. And totally in the hands of  Special Prosecutor  I bet Trump will resign just saying this looks to be more than he can handle. Just think we will finally get to those Tax forms he has refused to produce. He will have to  produce them now no choice.

And this does not stop the house and senate investigations, These will also continue to proceed. You might say The Trump laundry is about to be hung out for all to see. This is going to get really good.

Now we can chant to Trump….. Lock Him Up  ….. lock him up..

Wow how things change as usual  …   STAY TUNED !


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