Trump Acting Like A Criminal

Why would the President of The United States fire the chief investigator who is investigating his own campaign ?

Trump Is Acting like a Criminal

Why would This lead investigator suddenly fall out of favor with the President ?

Why would the President appear to threaten this same lead investigator through Twitter?

The easy answers are plain .

Trump Is Acting Like A Criminal.

In fact a nervous criminal at that.

While the Attorney General Jeff Sessions is not suppose to have any doings regarding this investigation of Russia`s involvement in disrupting our election process.

There was Jeff Sessions front and center making the recommendation  that F.B.I. Chief  Commey  be fired.

jeff sessions

Only shortly afterward passing it off to his Deputy A.G., When eyebrows started raising, As to Sessions involvement.

Then to top it all off , Trump comes out and makes the whole thing a huge Bald Face Lie !

Our question and the big question of many Americans is If there is no guilt why all the cover ups, why all the lying?

We already know many who were involved in his campaign Including Jeff Sessions has no problem lying about his involvement with the Russians.

Jeff Sessions should not even be in public office, He is a liar and a racist.

Why fire the lead investigator?

Why is Trump acting like a criminal?

Trump has a huge problem here, That is he is either doing a bunch of illegal things so many no body can keep track.

Or he thinks he is above the law.trumpattackkorea

From special interests creating profits for his family.

To cover ups of his business dealings with Russia that would probably come to light with a look at his tax returns.

All in all Trump is acting like a Criminal. A Criminal who happens to be The President Of The United States.

And because of that he thinks he is above the law, And maybe he is.

Many say he is either above the law or really stupid.

In our opinion he has not shown the mental brilliance he claimed to posses during the campaign.

He has cheated and bullied his way through the real estate and reality T.V. industry and he expects to do the same from the white house.

We only wish congress and the senate will be willing to put a end to this madness. Before he screws us up in the World with countries we need to do business with.

And Trump is acting like a criminal because He Is.

Trump fired Comey because he was getting close to breaking this case against Trump wide open.

james comey

The same thing Trump did to Mrs. Yates when she did not agree with The Presidents Travel Ban. Fired ..

ag yates

Trump is acting like a criminal because he thinks he is above the Law.