Trump As Predicted

Just As Predicted Donald J Trump is making a mess out of our office of The President Of The United States.

I  Recall way back right after he started campaigning for President, All these honest people came forward, They were exposing his shortcomings as to do with his honesty.Trump as Predicted

His many Bankruptcy`s ,Where investors in his projects lost millions of dollars while he walked into the sunset unscathed. In fact retained his wealth Trump as predicted.

Him constantly cheating construction workers who worked on his projects ,Hard working men and women in the trades had been cheated out of wages.

His ongoing slander of women and minorities including  people with disabilities.

Lets not forget his lifelong prejudice of people of color, He was even sued by the City Of New York for not allowing people of color to rent his properties.

Build That Wall was not just about illegals it was more about race.Trump as predicted.

This Guy`s flaws go way back. How we made him our President escapes me.

Now we expect him to put our health care,In place that will benefit our poorest sickest oldest citizens? He does not care about these people his history says that if nothing else.TRUMP RACIST

Lets Talk About Honesty

Trump has always said there is nothing to the Russian thing. Nothing There..

But the facts have revealed almost on a daily basis there is plenty there.

And we believe he quite possibly might be in debt to the worlds richest man, Who might that be? None other than Putin himself. Part of Putin’s secret wealth is tied to Banks that are currently being sanctioned by our country.putin richest man

Thus exposing Putin to loses he has no control over and Putin does not like being out of control. So he finances Trump campaign in return Trump lifts those pesky sanctions once elected. Makes perfect since to me.

Just about every major player in Trumps campaign team has been exposed lying about Russian ties. Follow the dog home Trump as Predicted.

Now Trump has approval ratings that are the lowest for any president in seventy years. Go figure Trump as Predicted.  Who ever thought you could teach this old dog new tricks, All I say is Trump As Predicted…

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