Trump, family: Looting the U.S. Treasury

Trump, family: Looting the U.S. Treasury

It really appears the trump family is living high on the hog these days.

And it is funny that during his campaign Mr Trump constantly criticized then president Barack Obama for playing too much golf.

And he swore he would be glued to the white house, Taking care of Presidential business. Has not turned out that way.

After less than 100 days Mr. Trump has already surpassed Mr Obama`s golf dates For his full first term in office.

What a liar Mr. Trump has turned out to be, Or maybe he always was but was not so much in the spot light to be noticed

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Lying seems to come so easy for him, It has to be embarrassing for his staff and family, At least the ones who regard the truth as the way to live.

Political pundits worry a lot nowadays about what may or may not be President Donald Trump’s “political agenda.”

What they should be thinking about is how many ways Trump and his money-grubbing family are ripping off the U.S. Treasury and American taxpayers.

Just about each week, Trump uses Air Force One to travel to his properties, promoting his brand, looting the treasury to pay for a lavish lifestyle that far exceeds any President that came before him.

I Really think if those tax returns were available we would see not only special interests are on his agenda But possible criminal acts are carried out ongoing

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Another government jet and security personnel fetch his wife from their penthouse tower in Manhattan. Other government planes bring staff and family.

Most of their time is spent at Mar-a-Lago, the family’s Florida resort, for multi-million dollar weekends (about $3.6 million per visit) funded by taxpayers. Government-funded travel just for weekend visits to his resorts so far this year (three and a half months) has already doubled former President Barack Obama’s annual travel budget.

One of those weekends brought Chinese president Xi Jinping to Florida and, lo and behold, the People’s Republic of China suddenly provided new trademarks for First Daughter Ivanka Trump, who now uses her White House office to peddle jewelry, handbags and spa services to a nation of 1.4 billion.

Ivanka Trump now holds 173 foreign trademarks in 21 countries — just part of her scam.

And we will surely see The whole family is riding this money train Just a opinionlying trump3

Since Trump became President in an election where his opponent received at least four million more votes from Americans than him,

His properties like Mar-a-Lago and the Trump International Hotel in Washington enjoy parties booked by self-dealing CEOs, lobbyists and foreign officials.

Trump, in the meantime, hides his tax returns from public view — the first President in modern times to do so and his administration recently announced it is closing the White House visitor logs to public view —


hiding who is cozying up to a White House that is now ground zero for open robbing of the U.S. Treasury and solicitation of money and bribes from those who are more than willing to pay.

And his aides must cover for his numerous lies making them look really sketchy also

trumps staff are liars

With tax reforms — aimed at helping the rich — high on Trump’s agenda, a good question is how such reforms greased by the White House might benefit The Trump Organization?

The gullible voters, mesmerized by his cons, have no idea because he hides his tax returns, which he claims are not allowed to be public because he is under audit, something the Internal Revenue Service says is an outright lie. Oh, he is under audit but he is also free to release his tax returns. His claim that he can’t is just another one of many lies.