Trump Getting In Deeper

This week marks 100 days as president for Donald Trump.

It also marks The investigation into Russian ties to the Trump White House. Micheal Flynn got caught taking cash payments from the Russians,

If you do not recall Flynn is the ex National Security Adviser who Trump fired for lying, Lying about having involvement with the Russians. Well looks like he lied to everybody.

Because he first denied getting any cash payments from the Russians. Now he could be in deep shit, And might take others with him.

Trump is signing executive orders like no body`s business. But as far as getting legislation passed NOTHING…MARALAGOMARALAGOSTAFF

The first 100 days also marks record spending by this administration for luxury weekends golfing and partying at Mar A Logo ,The Presidents Private Upscale resort that earns money every time he goes there, All paid for by American Tax Payers.

This first 100 Days also marks the escalation of the situation involving North Korea

Trump has managed to insult Kim Jong Un Saying he is not as strong as he lets on. That might not be very smart. And could prove to piss off the North Korean Leader.

Trump better watch what he says to that nut job. He might just lob a warhead at someone.kimjongun

Kim long Un is getting pretty paranoid, Having all this American Military Muscle hanging around just south of his tightly controlled stronghold, Has caused him to flex his own muscles, By firing off yet another long range missile test on Friday. In spite of   previous warnings against aggression from China and the Americans.

It appears the North Korean leader feels he must show superior strength to keep his caged citizens on constant alert , Fearing a inevitable military attack by the Americans is about to happen at any time.


He has his people convinced the United States are the aggressors in this ordeal. Using propaganda styled at brainwashing the citizens of North Korea into believing the United States is a Huge Bully picking on them for no reason.

kimjongun missles

The people of North Korea have no access to any outside information, Thus led to believe only what Kim Jong Un wants them to believe. Living in such a closed society makes it likely they will not know the truth until its way too late, And thousands or possibly millions of lives are lost, And the possibility of World War Three is Knocking at the door.kimjongunleader

South Korea and Japan stand to lose big time by the  Norths missiles packing nuclear warheads , All because of a crazed deranged leader that feels he is threatened by the rest of the world. Of course we cannot know what goes through this guy`s head. What makes him so paranoid ? We do not know, But if he does not cool his jets many lives could be lost.

Maybe our best bet is to hope the Extra Terrestrials that constantly hover over our planet will intervene.  ……  Just a thought