Trump Hurting His Voters

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Trump Hurting His Voters

Not only is Trump promising huge tax savings for his “Billionaire Buddies” ,But the numbers show Trump Is Hurting his Voters,The very people who got him elected are going to feel the sharp end of this Knife that will cut through the hearts and hurt The same people that voted him in office in November.

trumphurts voters

23 Million People will loose health care ,If We implement Trumps Repeal And Replace Obama Care. Many of those folks did vote for trump.Mostly because of the lying he did during the campaign about how repealing and replacing Obama Care would save millions of people thousands of dollars a year.

Another Lie that that he told and how Trump Is Hurting his Voters is about cutting Social Security and Medicaid His new budget will cut close to 700 Billion on top of 800 Billion the new Republican health care plan will already cut from Medicaid That equals a 28% cut just to Medicaid causing another 14 million to directly loose Affordable Health Care..

Trump is surely Hurting his Voters, And most all Americans who are not Millionaires are going to feel the pain.

He lied to get elected and Trump is continuing to hurt the people who voted him in. How do you like him now?

Its Plain to see Trump is hurting his voters bigtime.. And its more than clear he only care`s about the rich elite in this country, A Total reversal of the lies he told while campaigning for president. And Trumps voters said they liked him because he was different not a politician like the rest, In reality Trump is hurting his voters just as bad or maybe worse than your typical politician because he does not have to return to his home district and answer to his voters. This Makes him more dangerous.

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  1. Elections have consequences, and the release of the first Trump budget is a glaring example. Fortunately, some Republicans have joined the Democratic chorus that has already begun pushing back. We need legislators from both parties to keep the Trump budget travesty from going any further.Voters should already see how Trumps policies are not going to help the average American who voted for Trump, Based on all his lying. Now we must band together regardless of party affiliation And stop this criminal administration from totally destroying our country.

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