Trump White House In A Mess

Another day another Fiasco

trumps cronies

That about describes this Presidents  Administration on a daily basis.

Trumps White House is In A Mess

First the Lies Lies and More Lies.

Are we getting so used to this liar of a President that we are now numb to it?

Come on people if one of our past Presidents told the amount of lies this one does we would have strung them up..

Case in point the exclusion of all LBGT from all aspects of our military that Mr. Trump announced on last Tuesday, He said after talking it over with the top military brass they have made this decision.

Well thats great but all the top brass that lead our military forces said they had heard nothing about this plan. And also advised their troops to stay put , hold tight until a more formal notice is presented. If and when.

Then this constant insulting of Trumps Attorney General  By Trump himself. Is totally Crazy acting This guy is starting to act like a nut job more and more.

This administration is getting nothing done except Provide a freak show for the whole world. To say it is embarrassing is putting it mild.

Not sure how much more we have to go thru.

It very unpredictable and North Korea just fired another missile this morning

And we have to rely on this freak show for guidance ?

What will happen to this country If a crisis evolves ?

Maybe thats the plan.

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